Take Your Business to the Next Level

We've created a unique solution for business owners to sell their business while safeguarding employees and customers

Our Story

In 2007, our Founder, Andy Juang, faced the same dilemma many business owners face when seeking liquidity options. How do I protect my employees who helped me build my business? How does the legacy of my company, my brand, and my customers endure? These are difficult questions to answer when considering the options of selling to a Strategic Acquirer or Private Equity Fund. Strategic buyers dismantle companies in order to obtain synergies. Private equity firms buy and sell companies leaving the future of the business unknown.

Equus Holdings is intentionally focused on the greater good of all participants. We’ve created what we call the “Triple Win,” where business owners, employees and customers all win.

Our Triple Win Philosophy

Business Owners

Our structure allows business owners to win by realizing their liquidity goals upfront.


Your employees will have the opportunity to participate as ESOP shareholders.


Our existing and newly acquired customers win through vendor consistency and high quality products at a fair price.

Our Process for Adding Value


US Based Companies

We are looking to acquire controlling interest in U.S. based businesses

Enterprise Value for Acquisitions

$5-100 Million

Industry Disruption Opportunity

We are looking for companies that can disrupt their industries and markets using new business models, product innovation, optimized processes, and customer success-based marketing

Transaction Types

100% Buyout, Control Equity, Minority Equity, Subordinated Debt, and Special Situations

Industry Verticals

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Health & Wellness
  • Manufacturing
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • eCommerce
  • Digitization
  • Medical Device
  • Media and Advertising

Investment Size for Minority Interest

$1-20 Million

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VP of Corporate Development
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