The Equus ESOP

Working Together for Success

What is the Equus ESOP Program?

The Equus Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is one of only 6,700 ESOP plans in the United States. It is a unique wealth-creation program that most companies choose not to offer. Moreover, Equus Holdings is a 100% Employee Owned company so everyone is an Employee-Owner. Never owned a company before? You can now!

The ESOP Culture

With ownership comes responsibility.
Everyone on our team is focused on working together to increase the value of our company.
We follow our Core Values:
Challenge, Collaborate, Commitment, Customer Success, and Do the Right Thing
to help the company grow.
The ESOP rewards long-term commitment of employees by providing this benefit.

The Power of an ESOP

ESOPs span many industries such as Manufacturing, Finance, Construction, Wholesale trade, and Services. But they all have common traits:

Stronger Companies

ESOPs have been found to boost sales and employment more than 2% a year compared to similar companies without ESOPs.

Stable Jobs

Studies show ESOP companies are only half as likely as non-ESOP companies to go bankrupt or close. Surveys show layoffs at ESOP companies average 1.3% vs. 9.5% at non-ESOP companies.

Prosperous Employees

Research shows employee-owners earning between 5% to 12% more in median wages with better benefits compared to employees in matching non-ESOP companies.